Strategic management

Your company needs direction. It needs a clear workable business plan. Perhaps you want to expand your operations and are in need of capital (a loan from the bank).

Human resources management

Getting the best people is one thing, keeping the best people is a challenge. We focus our services on job descriptions, performance management and on keeping people motivated and happy. This is best for business.

Project management

Projects seldom go smoothly. Communication problems lead to increased costs, delays and conflict. We train / coach people to become a better team, talking the same project management language. We use the method Goal Directed Project Management® which has resulted in very powerful implementation, keeping project management fun.


Consulting, training or coaching

We provide consulting, training and individual coaching for all services mentioned.

We keep it simple

Why "We Keep it Simple"?

We believe that the chances of a successful implementation are best when the methodology used is appropriate, clear and simple. When dealing with complex challenges, we clarify and try to present the solution as a set of easy to understand and easy to implement actions, with clear responsibilities and accountability laid down.


Next Steps...

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