On 25 August 2003 Tom Helderweirt registered his company, Helderweirt Consulting, at the Chamber of Commerce in Paramaribo, Suriname.

He then decided to establish himself as an independent management consultant. The preceding years he had worked in various management areas for Tjong A Hung Management Consultants, a local consulting firm that is associated with PricewaterhouseCoopers.

By establishing himself as an independent management consultant, Tom could incorporate his own vision and approach into his consultancy practice. His vision is that intervention should result in permanent results. A personal touch characterizes his approach.


Helderweirt Consulting offers organizations professional assistance with research, training and coaching, to enable them to perform optimally and to let them embrace developments in the market as challenges.

Meet the Team

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Tom Helderweirt

Tom Helderweirt

Founder & CEO

Has been consulting since 1995 and found out that helping people with their problems and challenges is his calling. Set up his own independent firm in 2003. Tom likes short en open communication channels and uses a no non-sense approach. He is very experienced in project management implementation, training and coaching.

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